PBC 2017 Nationals – Knoxville TN
Open Show- 56 birds with 9 exhibitors.

Open BIS- Kathy Troxell, bantam, WC Black
Also Reserve AOCCL in Dixie Classic open show

Open Bantam Polish 36 birds/6 exhibitors
BB- Kathy Troxell, RB Eric Dubose/ Adam Hart

WC Black (23) - BV/BB- Kathy Troxell, RV- Lisa Jo Shay
WC Black Frizzle (2)- BV/RV- Lisa Jo Shay
WC Khaki Frizzle (1)- BV Sharon & Robert Weinhardt
BRD White (3)- BV/RB & RV- Eric Dubose/ Adam Hart
BRD Buff Lace (4)- BV/RV Matt Creed
Buff Lace frizzle (3)- BV/RV Matt Creed

Open Large Fowl- 20 birds/ 4 exhibitors
BB/RB- Dodge Cowart

WC Black (10)- BV/RV, BB/RB Dodge Cowart
WC Blue (2)- BV/RV Dodge Cowart
BRD White (3)- BV/RV Dodge Cowart
BRD Buff Lace (4)- BV/RV Matt Creed
Splash frizzle (1)- non-member

YOUTH SHOW- 20 birds/ 4 exhibitors- 
Youth BIS- Alec Bergin, LF WC black
Also Champion Continental and best large fowl in the Dixie Classic youth show

Youth Bantam Polish 9 birds, 3 exhibitors
BB/ RB- Ashley Bailey

WC Black (6) BV/RV, BB/ RB Ashley Bailey

Also champion AOCCL and Reserve Bantam 
in Dixie Classic youth show

WC Blue (1)- BV -A/O/R Stoltman
WC Cuckoo frizzle (1)- BV Ashley Bailey 
WC Khaki (1)- non-member

Youth Large Fowl 11 birds, 2 exhibitors
BB/RB- Alec Bergin

WC Black (9) BV/RV, BB/RB Alec Bergin
Buff Lace (2) BV/RV- A/O/R Stoltman

Awards Display

Best in Show Award