WC Chocolate, WC Khaki, and WC cuckoo BANTAMS for APA acceptance 
We are working on getting our committees up and running. But so far most are still a committee of ONE- that’s not a real committee. So, If you raise any of the following breeds/varieties please join the committee and help keep your favorite polish variety or lesser seen breed on task!!

Every breed & variety standard committee needs to have an officer and/or director involved with it so the club is current with the info, that person does not have to be the head of the committee.

Breed committees- I would like all the breed committees to be breed Standard committees- that is why they were created for info for new breeders.  We are starting a Polish Standard Committee- and need members who have shown Polish for 5+ years for committee members. The reason for this is we have A LOT of Polish breeders and we NEED our best show breeders to help guide interpretation of the standard for our new members getting into showing their flock. Because of it being our main breed’s standard committee all acting PBC presidents will always be a member of the committee (there will be a president’s place in the committee that will change who is in that spot depending on who is current president if that makes sense).

For variety committees’ people who keep both bantam and large fowl can discuss that variety and learn from one another as well as make sure their variety’s information is being portrayed correctly online, which includes a detailed write up with pictures of variety with excellent type (unless that is a work in progress than the best type/coloring combos you can get pictures of).

Remember- Newsletters come out 4 times a year!! It is always nice to put updates or info about your committee in the newsletter!! Also a good way to show to members that the committee is active and striving for its goals!!

Open PBC Committees looking for members and contact person:
Crevecoeur Standard Committee - Zach Slimak
Sultan Standard Committee - Matt Creed
Houdan Standard Committee - Matt Creed
Polish Standard Committee- (Courtney DuCharme)- new committee, need members who have shown Polish for 5+ years for committee members!!  This committee will vote for its head once we have 7 members, (acting PBC presidents will always be a member of the committee).

Laced (Golden, Sliver, Buff)- Matt Creed
BC White- Dodge Cowart
WC Black/ WC Blue- Zach Slimak, Courtney DuCharme
WC Chocolate/Khaki- new committee- need members and committee head!!
WC Cuckoo- new committee- need members and committee head!!
WC Bantams for APA acceptance (WC Chocolate, WC Cuckoo, & WC Khaki)- Sarah Collins

Youth Committee- Josh Trujillo
Club Historian Committee- Josh Trujillo
Articles/write-ups- Courtney DuCharme