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Breeders by State

If any CURRENT members  would like to be added please send:

Name, Location, Contact info,
Bantam & Large Fowl breeds/varieties raised,
if you show, if you are NPIP,
If you offer Eggs, Chicks, Juveniles, or Adults,
if you offer shipping, Farm, Local, or show  pick up,
and if you have a website or Facebook account you would like listed 

to Courtney at

  • Alabama
    Eric DuBose/ Adam Hart
    Red Level, AL 36474

    ***Shows Birds****
    Bantam- BRD White, WC Black, WC Blue, BRD Buff Lace
    Sells-  Started birds and adults
    Offers- Shipping, Local & Show pick up

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Dodge Cowart
    Amity, AR 71921

    ****Shows birds****
    LF- WC Black Polish, WC Blue, BRD White
    Sells- Adults
    Offers- shipping, local and show P/U


  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
    Marcia Kilpatrick
    Hampton, CT 06247

    Bantam- White & Buff Lace
    Sells- started and adult birds
  • Delaware
  • Florida
    Clark Barton
    Shanna Gardner
    Jacksonville, FL 32244

    Bantam- WC Black & Blue + Silkies
    Sells- Eggs & all ages of birds
    Offers- Shipping and local & show p/u
    Barton Hollow Farms

  • Wanda Simmons
    Callahan, FL 32011

    Bantam:   Brd Buff, NB Whites, & WC Black Polish, Dark Brahmas, White Plymouth Rocks              
    Large Fowl:  Dark Brahmas
    ****Shows Poultry****
    Sells- Eggs & started birds (juveniles & adults)
    Offers-  farm/show pick up                                

  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Indiana

  • Judith Davis
    North Vernon, IN 47265

  • Bantam:   WC blue and black Polish, blue/black/splash cochins              
    Large Fowl:  Black copper Marans, buckeyes, silver and buff Appenzellers, WC black Polish
    ****Shows Poultry****
    Sells- Eggs & started birds (juveniles & adults)
    Offers- Shipping on eggs only  and farm/show pick up                                

  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Vanessa Carlson  
  • Manhattan, KS 66503

    Large Fowl: BRD White
    ****  SHOWS  ****
    ****  NPIP  ****

    Sells- eggs, chicks, or adults occasionally
    Offers- shipping on eggs or show pick up for birds
    Have won Reserve Show, Champion Continental,
    and many BB’s w/ our Polish

    Aubree Lero  (junior member)   
    Girard, Kansas 66743

    Bantam: frizzle cuckoo, khaki, and lavender
                Smooth chocolate
    ****  shows at fair  ****
    Sells- chicks and juveniles
    Offers- farm pick up

  • Diane Spisak
    Wellsville, KS 66092

  • ****Shows Poultry****
  • Bantams- polish  WC Chocolate & WC Black 
    Sells- started birds occasionally
    Offers- Shipping and  pick up locally and at Shows                              
  • Kentucky

    Melissa Durbin 
    Mt. Washington, KY

  • Bantam: Polish & Silkies
    Sells- eggs and all ages of birds
    Offers- p/u and shipping

    The Stoltman Family  Online
    1915 KY HWY 78,
    Standford, KY, 40484
    (606) 879- 1469
    Bantam: WC Black, Blue, Chocolate, Khaki
    Large Fowl: Brd Buff Laced
    ****  Shows  ****
    ****  NPIP  ****
    Sells- Juveniles & Adults
    Offers- shipping, local & show P/U


  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Maryland
    John Dipaola
    Westminster, MD 21157

    Bantam- Polish
    Large Fowl- Orpingtons
    Sells- eggs and all ages of birds
    Offers- local and show pick up
  • Massachusetts
  •  Jan Brett 
  • Norwall, MA 02061
  • j
  • ****Shows birds****
  • ****NPIP****
  • Bantam WC Black, Blue, and BRD Buff laced
  • Sells- adult pairs only
  • Offers- some shipping, after New Years, show p/u
  • Michigan

  • Thomas Dean Jr
    Pierson, MI 49339

  •  Large Fowl: White Crested varieties

  • ****Shows Poultry****
    Sells- Eggs and started birds (juveniles & adults)
    Offers- Shipping and farm/show pick up                                
    Courtney DuCharme
    SW lower, MI

  • ****Shows Poultry****

  • LF- WC Black, Tolbunt & golden spilt to tolbunt
  • Sells- sometimes- mostly started birds (juveniles & adults)
    Offers- Shipping and local/show pick up                                

    Linda Reilly
    SE Lower, MI

  • ****Shows Poultry****
    Large Fowl- WC Black Polish, Salmon Faverolles
        Double Lace Barnevelders (black, blue, and Silver)
    Sells- eggs and all ages of birds when available
    Offers- shipping, show/local pick up 

    Sharon & Robert Weinhardt
    Manchester, MI 48158
    ***Shows Birds***
    Bantam- WC Black, WC Khaki & Silkies
    Sells- eggs and all ages of birds
    Offers- local pick up

    Anna Whybrew  
    Croswell, MI 48422
    Bantam: Buff Laced
    Large Fowl: Silvers and Tolbunt
    ****  Shows LF   ****
    ****  NPIP   ****
    Sells- eggs & chicks, occasionally juveniles and adults
    Offers- shipping, local & show p/u
    Facebook page - Five A Farm Fancy Feathers


  • Minnesota

  • Marilyn & Emily Pikal  
  • Winthrop, MN 55396

  • Bantam: WC Black, White in smooth & Frizzle, and Silvers
  • ****  SHOWS  ****
  • ****  NPIP  ****
  • Sells- eggs and juvenile/adult birds
  • Offers- shipping and p/u local and at shows.


     Lindsey Hastings 
    Rayville, MO 64084

    Large Fowl: Brd Whites, Brd/NB Goldens, Tolbunts
            Brd Buff lace, WC Black, WC Blue, and WC Cuckoo
    **** SHOWS  ****
    **** NPIP- AI Clean  ****
    Sells- eggs occasionally, juvenile & adults
    Offers- shipping, local, show p/u


  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
    Bailey Family
    Patricia, John, Ashley, Holden, and Jenna
    London, OH 43140
    Bantam: White Crested Black & Silver Lace            
    Large Fowl: Silver Lace

  • ****Shows Poultry****
    Sells- started birds (juveniles & adults)
    Offers- show pick up                                
    Find us on Face book at:  Maplehawk Exhibition Poultry

    Seth Frient 
    Northeastern OH
    (330) 814-1825

    Bantam: WC Black, WC Blue, WC Chocolate, WC Khaki,
                WC Cuckoo, WC Khaki Cuckoo, & (Brd & NB) Buff laced
    Large Fowl: Mottled Houdans
    ****  SHOWS  ****
    ****  NPIP AI Clean  ****
    Sells- juveniles and adults
    Offers- shipping, local, farm or show p/u

  • Zach & Cody Slimak
    Oberlin, OH 44074
     Bantam: Non-Bearded White Crested Black, Non-Bearded White Crested Blue, Non-Bearded/Bearded Silver, Bearded Buff Laced, Bearded White and Bearded Golden
    Large Fowl: Non-Bearded White Crested Black and Non-Bearded White Crested Blue

    ****Shows Poultry****
    Sells- Eggs & started birds (juveniles & adults)
    Offers- Shipping and farm/show pick up                                
    Find us on Face book at:  Lost Elm Farm

    Gerry Stricker
    Cincinnati, OH 45252
    513 205 9731
    Bantam: WC Black & brd white  Polish, White Sultans, 
    Large Fowl: WC Black & bearded buff lace Polish
    Sells- started birds in the fall
    Offers- shipping and local pick up
  • Oklahoma

  • Becky Schultz
    Oklahoma City, OK 73131
     Bantam: White Crested Polish, Seramas    
    ****Shows Poultry****
    Sells- started birds (juveniles & adults)
    Offers- Shipping and farm pick up                                
    Find us on Face book at:  Perfectly Poultry

    Shannon Wilson
    Piedmont, OK 23078

    Bantam: WC black, WC blue, WC cuckoo
       WC chocolate, WC Khaki & white
    Sells- chicks & started birds
    Offers- shipping


  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
    Danielle Henkel   
    Boyertown, PA 19512

  • Bantam: WC Black, WC cuckoo, WC chocolate, WC khaki,
                Golden, Silvers
    Large Fowl: WC Black & WC Blue
    ****  SHOWS  ****
    Sells- eggs and all ages of birds
    Offers- shipping, local & Show p/u
    Crowing Forest Farm on Facebook
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
    Sarah Collins
    Hartsville, SC 29550

    Bantam- BRD White, WC Chocolate, WC Khaki, WC Blue, WC Black, WC Cuckoo, Brd Silver, BRD Golden, WC Chocolate Cuckoo, WC Blue Cuckoo, and Candy Corn
    Also has Black Copper Marans, Salmon Faverolles, and paint silkies
    Sells- eggs and chicks via Facebook
    Offers- shipping and local pick up
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee  

  • Texas  
  • Savanah Kingcade
    Texas Panhandle
    Large Fowl: Tolbunt, Golden
    Sells- Eggs, Chicks, Juveniles, & Adults
    Offers- farm pick and sometimes local delivery. Looking into shipping

  • Josh Trujillo  
  • San Antonio, TX 78225
  • 210 425 9177
  • Bantam: Brd White & WC Black Polish
  •          & bantam Cubalaya
  • ****  Shows  ****
  • Sells- started and adult birds
  • Offers- discounts to youth and family memberships
  • Find me on Facebook

  • Timm Zitz
    Canton, TX 75103

  • Bantam: Silver, Golden, and Buff laced

  • Large Fowl: WC Black, White, Buff laced

  • ****Shows Poultry****
  • **** NPIP  ****
    Sells- adults, chicks, eggs
    Offers- Shipping, farm, and show p/u
    You can find me on Facebook


  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • Virginia

  • Alec Bergin
    Suffolk, VA 23438

    Large Fowl: WC Black
  • ****Shows Poultry****
    Sells-  adult & older juveniles
    Offers- Shipping & show pick up  

  • Washington
    Cynthia & Rob Smith
    Tacoma, WA 98445
    253 208 1708

  • ****Shows birds****
    Bantam- WC Black, WC Chocolate, WC blue Polish & BRD White polish. And Araucanas  
    Ships adult birds only
    No eggs or chicks.

  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • Jerry DeSmidt
    Pulaski, WI 54162

  • 920-321-6707

  • ****Shows Poultry****

  • Bantam: WC Black & Bearded Buff Laced Polish
    Sells adults only- with pick up offered- at shows or locally.

  • Wyoming  
  • Outside of USA/Canada