This committee is headed by Sarah Collins.

Link to facebook group if you are able to help: 
Bantam WC Cuckoo/Chocolate/Khaki Breeders working towards APA acceptance 

Uniformity of Our Varieties Between the All-Breed Clubs

         The new American Poultry Association’s updated SOP came out recently, and one of the more wonderful things to me was an addition in the “getting new breeds/varieties accepted” portion of the book.

  “If a breed or variety had been accepted by the American Bantam Association before January 2007, a qualifying meet will not be required if the Standard Committee is satisfied through show reports from the US and Canadian shows, that 200 or more birds have been shown by at least three (3) exhibitors in the last three (3) years.” 

         Several of our judges have brought up they wish that polish varieties were the same in both ABA and APA. Where I do not think we could easily get the bantam bearded WC varieties or self blue polish accepted into the APA with this new clause- I think the WC Chocolate and WC Cuckoo could easily get accepted. I think WC Khaki may also be able to be accepted too this way- but they might be tight with numbers shown.

      So the Polish Breeders Club is looking for breeders of bantam WC Chocolate, WC Cuckoo, and WC Khaki that would be interested in working together to achieve this goal. (and the Polish Breeders Club will help you as much as we can to do this).

We are also looking for members who raise LARGE FOWL WC Chocolate, WC Cuckoo, and WC Khaki to work on getting those accepted as well in the next few years. I raise WC Chocolate & WC Cuckoo large fowl, but have not started crossing the chocolates to one another yet for WC Khakis.

    Other requirements for getting a new variety accepted, (it is more in-depth than overview listed here):

1. A petition sent to Secretary, at least one year before qualify meet. That has history, breeding background, and facts. With copyright assigned to APA.
2. Affidavits form at least 5 breeders (18 + years old), who are current APA members and have raised the variety for at least 5 years stating they breed true to type, color, size, and comb. Qualifying meets will not start until all five or more members have been APA members for at least 5 years. 

3. Certificates showing four or more birds of each class (cock, cockerel, hen, pullet) have been exhibited in each of the preceding 2 years at a show with an APA judge.

4. Deposit of the sum sufficient to defray cost to put in standard, is returned if variety is rejected. (PBC is looking to help with this part)

5.  2 qualifying meets (1st at a regional show, 2nd at the national meet)-  This is what the new clause removes having to do if requirements are met. 

If the standard committee is satisfied- the board of directors then votes to approve.